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Allie Dolphin at Brookfield Zoo
Welcome back Allie Dolphin to Brookfield Zoo! Allie has been on a breeding loan at Minnesota Zoo since 2008. While at Brookfield Zoo from 1995 to 2000, she established a bond with Tapeko, Brookfield Zoo’s 30-year-old female dolphin.

Allie will be closely monitored in the coming days. Currently, she is off exhibit with Tapeko and Tapeko’s daughter, Allison, 6, until she gets reacclimated to her home and trainers. Allie will then join Brookfield Zoo’s current dolphin group—Spree, 10; Noelani, 8; Chinook, 29; and Tatem, 8—and be part of the dolphin presentations.

Allie was accompanied by members of the Chicago Zoological Society marine mammal staff and a Minnesota Zoo veterinarian while en route to Illinois.

The Chicago Zoological Society is a leader in dolphin care and research, which includes its support of the longest-running wild dolphin study in the world (more than 40 years). Society staff has trained dozens of Ph.D.s and field conservationists as well as have sponsored the passage of dolphin legislation to improve the lives of dolphins in the wild.