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November > Interview with ACE Ambassador-Nick Cothard
Interview with ACE Ambassador-Nick Cothard
Posted: 11/9/2010 11:45:39 AM by Deb Kutska

Why are you personally interested in conservation?

1. Conservation is important to me for several reasons. First, conservation is about saving and protecting our world, something that I really value and want to preserve for others to enjoy. Second, conservation has shown me that it only takes an idea to change the world. Once a dedicated group gets started, there's nothing that can stop them. And this is how conservation works. When more and more people join the cause, it snowballs and before long, we can say that we've made a dent, we've started a significant change. Our planet has been under a lot of stress. Slowly everyday, the earth is getting dirtier and dirtier. We need to change this. And I believe that it's us, the current generation, that will change it. The responsibility of cleaning up our environment has been passed down for far too long. It needs to stop here and now or we might never have the chance to save our planet again. This is what conservation is about. And this is what we need to make happen today. Our group has decided to take the responsibility of protecting our environment and we won't let it be silently and wrongly be passed down to the next group of kids. It's a big job and we're here to make the change start now.
What is it about the "DOT" project that is so exciting for you?
2. Do One Thing is the perfect chance for us to start our campaign to save the environment. It helps us pass on the conservation mindset by asking people to only make one small change to there life. This has been an amazing tool. In only a couple weeks, we were able to collect over 700 DOTs! Thats 700 people who have changed one thing in their life to help the environment. Thats a lot! Our original goal was only a couple hundred. DOT has opened my eyes a little more to see how people really do care about the environment and they really are willing to help make a difference. Whenever I worked DOT, my favorite saying was always: "Every little thing counts" and I think that really sums up why I like DOT so much. Every little thing that each of us can do adds up to a massive difference.

What is the best way to get youth involved in conservation?
3. I think the best way to encourage people to do anything is to get them involved. A lot of people won't help conservation because they say something like: "I'm only one person, so I won't make that much of a difference." Or maybe they'll say: "Well, I don't feel like doing it now but I'll do it next time." These are the attitudes that need to be changed. By getting kids involved in our DOT campaign and encouraging them to do more at home, we'll be leaving the idea of conservation and its urgency in their minds. Getting them excited and ready to have fun while practicing conservation, they'll not only leave with a positive idea of conservation, but they'll also enjoy helping the environment. Get kids involved, spread the word, and make it fun.
(photo by Kym Brown)

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Interview with ACE Ambassador-Nick Cothard

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