Salt Creek Wilderness

Salt Creek Wilderness



Trumpeter Swan

  • Trumpeter Swan
Tucked away in a quiet corner of the zoo, Salt Creek Wilderness offers a chance to get reacquainted with species native to Illinois.
Enjoy the area in every season and look closely for tracks, nests, ripples in the lake, and other signs of life. Field guide illustrations of plants and animals inform your walk, as well as journal entries from a naturalist and other fun facts and games to engage younger visitors.
A number of bird species use this area as a migratory resting stop, and others make it home all year long. In fact, a pair of trumpeter swans produce eggs each year on Indian Lake. These are transported by keepers to other Midwestern locals for a conservation reintroduction project.
Relax on this retreat, learn more about native wildlife, and foster a newfound connection with your own backyard.

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