Learn about the unique needs of everything from egrets to river otters, all while helping a zookeeper care for these amazing animals at The Swamp. Please let us know about any serious allergies prior to scheduling a program.

Bring a Buddy!

The cost is $100 per member ($150 per nonmember), which includes a non-refundable deposit equal to 25% of the program cost. Space is tight so we close the program after one person signs up, but we can accommodate up to two people. Bring along a family member or friend and pay just $175 for both of you ($275 for nonmembers). That's a savings of $25! 

Back to School Special!
Members: Register one participant, get an accompanying participant free! Please call (708) 688-8342 to take advantage of this offer.

Get started by following these five easy steps:
  1. Review the Review the Get Ready for a Backstage Adventure fact sheet to prepare for your adventure.
  2. Choose a date range to see when an exclusive program is available for you and/and or a friend (1 participant and optional family member or friend)
  3. Complete the online registration forms.
  4. Print your confirmation page and map.
  5. Print and complete your program waiver form.
2014 Swamp Things

Swamp Things

1 Hour 3:00 - 4:00 pm * Year round Thursday or Sunday

1 Participant OR 2 Participants Age 8 or Older (Must Know Each Other) A parent or adult guardian, who does not pay any additional fee, but is counted toward the maximum number of 2 participants must accompany participants under the age of 18.

Ever feel you were “born on the bayou,” or do you just love swamps? Check out our Wild Encounters program in The Swamp. Work with keepers as they care for a wide variety of creatures, from swamps around the world., including insects, fish,waterfowl, rodents and otters.

Location: Swamp
Parking: South Lot