Chicago Zoological Society has developed curricula for a wide range of age levels and subjects. Spend some time reviewing our curricula offerings, and find those that are the best fit for you and your class. They all use the animals and resources at Brookfield Zoo to generate an excitement about learning and to inspire an appreciation for the natural world.

Videos ($5.00)

Chicago Wilderness (a perfect companion for the Connections “Local Habitats” talk). In this 15-minute video, you will discover habitats that are more rare than tropical rain forest – right here in the Chicago area!

The Training Game (perfect for students who have had the Connections Training and Enrichment talk) In this short disk, you will join Chicago Zoological Society staff as they work to provide animals with opportunities to express natural behaviors.

Curriculum Units

All curriculum units contain activities that may be used before and after a zoo visit or as stand alone activities to accompany classroom work. All curriculum units are aligned with Illinois Learning Standards.


Please head over to for updated curriculum units and much more information.


Activity Sheets (FREE)

Download What to Do at Brookfield Zoo activity sheets for Grades Pre-K-12.