When is "Share the Care" Evening?
"Share the Care" Evening is usually held the first Saturday in August. If you are a Share the Care Program participant, you should receive your invitation in the mail the first week in July. Share the Care Evening is a special night when the zoo is open after regular hours as a special privilege for Share the Care Program participants.

Where does my donation go?
Your contribution to the "Share the Care" Program goes to help Brookfield Zoo provide expert care for your animal.

What happens if my animal is transferred to another zoo?
Your donation is automatically transferred to the next available animal within the species. A letter is sent to notify you of this transfer. However, you are welcome to contact the "Share the Care" Program and arrange to transfer to a different animal of your choice.

When are animal updates sent?
Updates on animals are sent to "Share the Care" donors once a year, in the Fall.

Why did the name of the program change?
The name was changed to better reflect the program's mission to provide a way for those who care about animals to help Brookfield Zoo to care for them.