Bug Activities

Inspire your students to appreciate the unique contributions of bugs to humans and to the ecosystem. Below you will find fun, hands-on activities that you can implement inside the classroom or activities that your students can do at home. You can also easily coordinate these activities to the State Common Core Standards. Your students may walk into class knowing little about bugs, but will leave as honorary entomologists!

For Teachers
Teacher Activity Overview
Bug Fun Facts

For Kindergarten Students

Classroom Activities:
Build An Ant Farm
Busy Bees
Caterpillars to Butterflies
Introduction to Insects
Where Do Insects Live?
What Do Mealworms Eat?

Take Home Activities:
Butterfly Feeder
Ladybug Literacy
Underground Investigation
Where Do Insects Live?

For 1st-2nd Grade Students

Classroom Activities:
A Picnic for Ants
Creepy, Crawley Symmetry
Investigating Insects
Spiders Aren't Scary
Web of Life

Take Home Activities:
Be A Scientist
Bug Box
If I Were A Bug

For 3rd-4th Grade Students

Classroom Activities:
Build A Spider
Buggy Homes
Bug Haikus
Butterflies vs. Moths
Creative Writing
Flower Anatomy and Pollinators
What About Spiders

Take Home Activities:
Build A Bug
Can Bugs See Colors?
Insect Transect
Investigating Pill Bugs
Online Exploration