Backstage Adventures

If you have always dreamed of being a zookeeper, now is your chance! And, you can also,  work side by side with zookeepers as they care for penguins or kangaroos. Whether you love birds or snakes, big animals, or little critters--we have a Backstage Adventure just for you.

Get started by choosing the animal you like best or your favorite exhibit. Try one or try them all--the adventures are endless!

Want to share the experience with someone special? Many of our Backstage Adventures offer substantial savings when you bring a friend or relative to share the experience.

2015 Backstage Adventures: 

Please use the links below to check available dates and to register for each program.

African Adventure : Ages 12+

African Painted Dogs
: Ages 12+

Asian Adventure
: Ages 12+

Caring for Camels
: Ages 12+

Flippers and Fins
  : Ages 12+

Flying Feathered Friends (2015)
: Ages 8+

Great Ape Escape
: Ages 12+

Hanging with the Herps (2015)
: Ages 12+

Junior Zookeeper 
: Ages 7 - 12      New in 2015!

Marvelous Marsupials
: Ages 12+

Mole Rats, Meerkats, and More : Ages 8+   New in 2015!

Poolside with Penguins (2015) : Ages 12+

Rhino Rembrandt
: Ages 12+

Seals and Sea Lions 
: Ages 12+     New in 2015!

Secrets of South America
: Ages 12+

Sunrise with Okapi and Friends
: Ages 12+

Sunset with Okapi and Friends
: Ages 12+

Swamp Things (2015) : Ages 8+

2014 Backstage Adventures: 

Flying Feathered Friends (2014)

Hanging with the Herps (2014)

Swamp Things (2014)


Members, please note the following:

Only those listed on your membership qualify for the member price.

In order to receive the member price, all memberships must be current at the time of registration. We will not be able to issue refunds for the member price once you have registered for a program.

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