Living Coast

Living Coast



Humboldt Penguin

  • Humboldt Penguin
Investigate the shores of Chile and Peru and discover surprising connections where the world’s driest desert meets icy ocean waters.  
At The Living Coast you can gaze at fish, corals, and even sharks as you make your way through underwater walkways. Large tanks immerse you in ocean life, while smaller ones offer up-close windows to the water world’s tiniest creatures.  
Then, encounter the Rocky Shores where Inca terns soar overhead and a Humboldt penguin colony dips in and out of the water. Look into their nest boxes along the rocks to see if there are newcomers inside. CZS manages the Species Survival Plan for these birds and helps contribute to the breeding of zoo populations.
Outside, you can also enjoy the scenery of the South American marketplace, and take a walk past the Andean condors. It’s hard to miss these huge birds, and their massive 10-foot wingspan!

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