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Cownose Ray

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The interactive experience features cownose rays and getting hands-on with the rays at Brookfield Zoo is not just allowed, it's encouraged! Stingray Bay features 50 cownose rays in a 16,000 gallon saltwater tank and surrounding tropical paradise. Imagine touching cownose rays as they glide beneath your fingertips. It's a safe, fun adventure for the whole family.

Located on Brookfield Zoo’s East Mall, the stingrays’ home is a landscaped pool complete with its own waterfall. The lagoon is less than two feet deep and measures about 25 feet by 55 feet, allowing guests to gain access and touch the stingrays while still providing a center area where the animals can rest.

“Rays are incredible creatures and they make for a fun, hands-on, educational family experience,” said Andre Copeland, interpretive programs manager for the Chicago Zoological Society. “At Brookfield Zoo, we provide a safe and interactive experience that allows guests to see and touch these amazing creatures.”

To ensure the safety of visitors, caretakers who carefully monitor the stingray exhibit also trim the animals’ barbs—the whiplike tail parts that can sting—in a painless process that is similar to trimming human fingernails. In addition, zoo staff are available to answer guests’ questions, explain how rays live, and demonstrate the best ways to touch them.

In addition to the rays, Stingray Bay also focuses on sustainable seafood and provides guests with information on how to make choices that promote an abundance of healthy wildlife at markets or restaurants.

“Since we encourage our guests to make informed, environmentally friendly decisions, it’s important that we equip people with both the knowledge and steps necessary to contribute to realistic sustainability goals,” Copeland said.

Separate admission fee applies:
$4 Adults (non-members)
$2 Seniors 65 and over (non-members)
$2 Children 3 to 11 (non-members)
$2 Adults (members)
$1 Seniors 65 and over (members)
$1 Children 3 to 11 (members)
FREE for children under 3

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