Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the King Conservation Science Scholars.

How does the King Conservation Science Scholar Program prepare me for the future?

Our King Scholars gain personal, educational, and professional skills - no matter the field - while fostering connections through experiential learning and mentorship. Through interactive workshops, travel opportunities, social events, teen conferences, and interpretive experiences, King Scholars develop their leadership personality and build a unique professional network suited to their individual goals.

What are some of the cool experiences I can have as a King Scholar?

There are many fun and unique opportunities our King Scholars may enjoy such as:
• behind the scenes tours,
• interactive Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) sessions with real-world experts, • travel and field research opportunities,
• attending and potential speaking opportunities at a Teen Leadership Conference,
• paid staff roles offered exclusively to King Scholars,
• college tours, AND
• animal handling, husbandry, and/or presentation opportunities.

Are there any prerequisites for becoming a King Conservation Science Scholar?

No, you don’t need to know anything about Brookfield Zoo, conservation, animals, or STEAM. We welcome everyone ages 14 - 18. You are eligible to join the King Conservation Science Scholar program anytime between the summer following your 8th grade until you become a rising senior.

All King Conservation Science Explorers, our program for middle school aged students, are automatically eligible for and accepted into our King Scholars program.

What if I am unable to find transportation to Brookfield Zoo?

The King Conservation Science Scholars program has two main hubs: Brookfield Zoo and Bishop Shepard Little Memorial Center. While the overall course programming is similar at both locations, each location will have its own unique experiences for King Scholars. Additionally, a few of our courses are offered virtually or in a hybrid setting.

King Scholars that may require public transportation to get to either of our Brookfield Zoo or Bishop Shepard Little Memorial Center locations may receive Ventra passes or shuttles between locations via our zoo van.

What are my time requirements as a King Conservation Science Scholar?

The King Conservation Science Scholar program is designed to foster leadership development. Leadership, like growth, takes time. King Scholars are expected to commit to a minimum of one year or 30 hours of participation in our program.

What does a typical schedule look like for a King Conservation Science Scholar?

King Scholars make their own schedule. Our King Conservation Science Scholars program is divided into four sections. Incoming King Scholars may join during the summer or winter section when school is not in session or during breaks. Our spring and fall semesters align with most school districts’ spring and fall calendars.

During the summer, King Scholars have the opportunity to be onsite five days a week from 9 a.m.– 5 p.m. Some of our King Scholars choose to come into our locations every day. Others choose to attend when a particular course of interest is offered, a friend is attending, or any other individual reason. There are no requirements for daily attendance. Winter and spring break schedules work the same for a King Scholar’s convenience.

While school is in session, King Scholars will have opportunities offered twice a month on weekends and twice a month during the week in a hybrid format. King Scholars only need to attend two opportunities a semester during the school year.

Summer is the busiest seasons for our King Scholars, and we offer the widest array of opportunities at that time.

What does interpretation look like for a King Conservation Science Scholar?

Interpretation at Brookfield Zoo means communicating STEAM concepts to guests in a relevant and meaningful way. Throughout Brookfield Zoo, these opportunities may include leading our King Academy Pop-Up Swap Shop, co-facilitating an Animal Care Specialist chat, facilitating an enrichment presentation, along with roles like an Exhibit Guide or Conservation Station leader. At our Bishop Shepard Little Memorial Center site, King Scholars take on the role of outdoor educator in their community garden.

How do I apply?

It’s easy! Go to and follow the steps to complete your application. It takes less than 15 minutes!

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