Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the King Conservation Science Scholars.

What are my time requirements as a King Conservation Science Scholar?

Participants complete 120 hours of conservation, education, training, and activities each year they are in the program. King Scholars have a customizable schedule offering regularly scheduled and special opportunities during the school year and summer break.

How does the King Conservation Science Scholar Program prepare me for the future?

King Scholars improve upon communication and leadership skills while learning about conservation careers and building lifelong friendships through interpretation opportunities, college and career readiness workshops, and social events.

What are some of the cool experiences I can have as a King Scholar?

There are many unique opportunities for King Scholars. Participants may
• Receive behind the scenes tours.
• Participate in field work with conservation professionals.
• Provide enriching, educational, and fun experiences for guests at special events.
• Create and attend a conservation conference for teens interested in conservation.
• Decorate trees for the holidays.
• Join AZAK enrichment nights.
• Attend field trips.
• Participate in council and conference meetings shaping the future of the King Conservation Science Scholar Program.

Are there any prerequisites for becoming a King Conservation Science Scholar?

No, you don’t need to know anything about animals, Brookfield Zoo or STEM. We welcome everyone ages 14 - 18. Our amazing team of zoo professionals help educate us along the way. You’ll learn all you need to know while you’re with us!

Are all of the opportunities at Brookfield Zoo? What if I can’t get there?

We have many different opportunities for you to participate in. There are virtual field trips and projects, online courses, and field work at varying locations. If you want to participate in any on-site opportunities at Brookfield Zoo, we offer Ventra passes for King Conservation Science Scholars that are unable to secure other transportation.

What does a typical schedule look like for a King Conservation Science Scholar?

In the summers, we typically come into the zoo a minimum of one day a week from 10 – 3. There are additional special opportunities for you to sign up to participate in throughout the season. During the other seasons, we participate in our annual seasonal events, take online courses, and attend virtual meetings. When school is in session, we meet on weekends only.

What does interpretation look like for a King Conservation Science Scholar?

King Conservation Science Scholars engage in conversation with Brookfield Zoo guests to foster a connection to the many amazing animals that call our zoo home. Interpretation of exhibits such as, Great Bear Wilderness, The Living Coast, and The Clouded Leopard Rainforest, help our guests expand their understanding of our animals and the habitats where they traditionally live.

How do I apply?

It’s easy! Go to and follow the steps to complete your application, write an essay, get a letter of recommendation, and submit it all online!

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