Communities & Nature

Communities & Nature
The Chicago Zoological Society’s Communities and Nature Program, creates a bridge for people to connect to wildlife and nature in their communities. Collaborating with local libraries and other organizations, we engage people in nature-based programs and work together to create healthy spaces for people and wildlife.  
Our two-tiered program allows our community partners and participants to choose classes, activities, and locations that are beneficial, not only to participants and the community organization, but the overall environmental health and wellbeing of the communities served in collaborating districts.   
Pollination Station Network
In partnership with libraries and local organizations, Pollination Station Network creates pollinator gardens (may be in ground gardens, vertical, raised bed, container gardens, rooftop garden, etc.) that support the Chicago Zoological Society’s mission and contributes to the Illinois Monarch Project’s habitat restoration and conservation efforts. 
Naturally Neighbors
“A good deed will make a good neighbor.” – Bantu proverb
Naturally Neighbors reveals the connections between caring for nature and for one another. We will use curiosity and critical thinking to explore what is needed to sustain life. We will discover the tools and knowledge needed to care for living things and for one another. We will grow our sense of empathy for the life cycle of living things while watching nature grow around us. Won’t you be our neighbor? 
For more information on how you can become involved in our Communities and Nature Program contact:
AndrĂ© Copeland or Yvette Mendez
If you’re interested in creating a pollinator friendly garden, check out our list of pollinator friendly plants to help you get started.

Click here for a list of pollinator-friendly plants