Hudson Polar Bear - Day in the Life

Hudson Polar Bear

Polar bears are carnivores, but at the zoo they also enjoy a hearty breakfast that includes their favorite treats - carrots and lettuce.

Hudson Polar Bear at Brookfield Zoo - training

After breakfast, animal care specialists do a full body check including weighing, checking teeth, tongue and gums, paws and pads to make sure they are nice and healthy.

Hudson Polar Bear at Brookfield Zoo

Hudson loves to make new friends and gives special guests a high five!

Hudson Polar Bear swimming at Brookfield Zoo

Polar bears are strong swimmers and love to dive! At the Brookfield zoo, we provide enrichment activities to encourage natural behaviors. Here, Hudson is diving for bones.

Hudson Polar Bear with enrichment at Brookfield Zoo

Polar bears love to play! We give them enrichment devices and puzzles to solve. This one had hidden peanuts inside it. YUM!

Hudson Polar Bear with watermelon at Brookfield Zoo

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