Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about careers and applying for a position with the Chicago Zoological Society.


How do you use my personal information?
What personal information do you collect?
What security measures are in place to protect this information?

System Requirements

What are the technical system requirements to apply? Must I use a computer? Can I use my phone or tablet?
What if I am having technical issues?
What if I forget my username or password?


How will you be contacting me?
What if I want to contact you?

Work Schedule & Types of Jobs

Is Brookfield Zoo open in the winter?
The Zoo is open every day. What would my schedule be?
What types of positions are available?
What does it mean if my position is “seasonal”?
What is my schedule like if I am hired for a seasonal position?
“Who” works a seasonal job and what kind of jobs are seasonal?
If I am interested in a seasonal position, when is the best time to submit an application?
What seasonal positions do your hire for first?
Who gets hired at the Zoo or what kind of people do you look for?
I have applied multiple times to a full-time position, how do I get a full-time position?
How do I become a Zookeeper?

Working at the Zoo

What is the Zoo’s workplace culture like?
If hired, are there opportunities to advance in my professional career?

Application Process

Check out the How to Apply for brief instructions and helpful hints to answer basic questions about applying to an open opportunity.

Is there a minimum age requirement?
What do I need to submit an application?
Do I need to submit a resume?
How do I know you received my application?
What happens after I submitted my application?
It has been longer than a week, why is my application in the same status of 'applied' or 'reviewed'?
Can I apply to more than one position?
What happens after my application is reviewed?
Can I “pet” a lion?

Interview Process

What happens if I am contacted by a recruiter for a position I applied for?
What does a phone screen involve?
What happens if I am contacted for an interview?
What should I expect during an interview?
What if I applied to a seasonal/temporary position?
How long does the phone screen and interview process take?
How should I prepare for a phone screen / interview?
What should I wear, bring, etc.?
Do I need to pay for parking or admission to the Zoo for an on-site interview?
Where are you located? How do I get there?
Where do I park?
What if I take public transportation?

Post Interview

How soon will I hear from you after an interview?
Will I hear from you either way or if I don’t get the job?
If I applied to multiple positions and did not get selected for one, does that automatically disqualify me from the others?
What happens if I receive a job offer?
What does a “thorough background check” involve?
When or how soon may I start?
Online Career Center

Online Career Center

Visit our online Career Center to search for job openings and applying for a position with the Chicago Zoological Society.



Our College Experiential Learning Opportunities (C.E.L.O.) program include internships and research opportunities in a variety of areas and fields.

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

Read about our innovative practices in animal welfare to ensure the ultimate care of our individual animals.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Learn about our community-based programming that is sure to engage and educate our next generation of environmental stewards.!