Zoo Classes

Family Play

Explore the natural world when you sign up for Zoo Classes, register for Zoo Camp or explore our Backstage Adventures...
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Center for the Science of Animal Welfare

Advancing Animal Care

Discover how we care for animals through the groundbreaking Center for the Science of Animal Welfare—a first for zoos in North America.
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Center of Conservation Leadership

Global Change

Our award-winning learning strategies teach students and teachers about their responsibilities as world citizens and to inspire them to enter scientific fields.
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Making a Difference

Explore our Communities and Nature Program for tips and training so you can protect imperiled local wildlife in your own backyard.
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Global Reach

The Chicago Zoological Society’s conservation programs and partnerships expand far beyond the boundaries of Brookfield Zoo.  From our own CZS-led initiatives to partnerships with other zoos, universities, and conservation groups, we support a wide range of conservation and research programs around the world...
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